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6 Jan

Now six days into GYWO ’10, and I’ve already written 1600 words or so. Woohoo. Started a character sketch for Ava last night, and while it went well, I discovered I so need a big fill in chart of character traits. It makes things so much easier than freestyling it. Haha. I figure if I can fill the entire thing out, then I will know I have a firm grasp on who my characters really are, so then I can write them properly. I am a big believer in knowing who my characters are, even if I may not start out that way. Eventually I get a grasp on their ways and behaviors and their voices.

I think characters are my favorite thing…has been since I was young. I can remember being in like, 4th grade, coming up with little stories and always making sure that my characters were set first. It’s fun for me, coming up with the character list and their names and their looks. I’m a big nerd and I search for photos that seem to fit the characters.  They rarely become just stock photos, but mostly some celebrity that at least fits the look of the character. For example, my lead character for In The Spotlight (the novel), Ava Bennett–she is “portrayed”, if you will, by Mandy Moore. Ryan Harper, another lead character, is portrayed by Chris Pine. And to be honest, I’ve switched people around too. Ryan originally reminded me of Dave Annable (from the tv show Brothers & Sisters), but something changed in my brain and he suddenly didn’t fit the bill.

But back to the character charts…I have a bookmarks folder full of writing links and in there, I have at least three different sites that have downloadable character trait charts.  So of course, I actually freakin’ downloaded one and vow to fill it out completely for my four main characters. And I am not going to skimp on it and give up on it. I figure maybe it’ll give me more fodder to intertwine their stories into a proper plot!

I never used to love writing challenges…now I do. Well, that’s not completely true either. Perhaps I mean original writing challenges. I did many fanfic challenges in the procedural tv drama department, but doing ti with original stories and characters is a whole other ball game! Eep.

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