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4 Simple Goals

16 Aug

Taking a lovely idea from the lovely Elsie Flannigan over at A Beautiful Mess. She’s blogging four simple goals for the rest of 2010. I couldn’t help but be inspired to come up with four of my own.

1. Blog at least three times a week. Whether it is here or on LJ…find something to write about!

2. Write one full scene for In The Spotlight (the novel) per week. There is a list already started…let’s get those written and involved in the plot!

3. Cook more. I want to have more healthy meals going on.

4. Set aside more time for yourself! Whether it is to knit or write or create new playlists…ensure you are having fun again!


pledging to write in 2010!

20 Dec

Made a decision a week or so ago to continue on with a writing community over on LJ that I’ve been participating in for the past year. This year, I pledged to write a total of 200,000 words in 2009. And I fulfilled this challenge–something I am incredibly proud of. I not only wrote stuff for Reasons Why, but for various other fandoms and little stories here and there, along with starting the novel I’ve dreamed of writing for so long.

Now, in 2010, I am going to continue with the challenge, but I modified my pledge for the year. This time around, I pledged to write 100,000 words, but on a single project. So I am fully committing myself to buckle down and write In The Spotlight to the fullest extent I possibly can. I really have a solid plot going, I just need to get it to have a middle and an end. I need to establish Ava, Ryan, and Lily a lot stronger, and layer Nathan in better. I not only have the main Ava/Ryan plot, but the Ava/Nathan subplot, and the Lily plot in general.  I need to figure out how to get to the overall Ryan plot and have it tie in altogether.

I really think that focusing on ITS this coming year will either make or break my dream of having a novel written from start to finish. I don’t know if I anticipate having the novel DONE in 2010, but I think it will be in a much better place by the end, either way. I’ve already resigned myself to sit down daily and write someting for ITS every single day, from a scene to a character sketch to a few lines of dialogue. It will all come together eventually. I vow to make a valiant effor to get this sucker moving in the right direction. And yet it slightly scares me to know that I am going to be focusing so intently one this single project.

On the other hand, it also gives me the freedom to not use word counts on other projects, as Reasons Why will definitely continue on.

I’m excited to see what happens on the writing front this coming year…I think it will really bring my focus to something I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember…to write a novel. I don’t really care to sumbit it, per se, but who knows, maybe I’ll get the confidence to give that a shot. We shall see.

something new…

8 Nov

Something new to try out. I really want to blog my writing again. I tried it once and to be honest, I got bored with it quickly. This time, I vow to concentrate on what I am doing!

Am going to blog about fanfic and original writing, and keep track of my music playlists for all stories/characters involved. An intro to my current projects will come in the near future.

Yay for new toys! =)

Hello world!

8 Nov

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!