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More difficult this time…

16 Sep

I’m finding that this whole being out of work thing is more difficult than the last time, and I am also finding that after the initial positivity I had, that positive thinking is dwindling down to very little. And I know I cannot get too negative, as it has only been 2.5 weeks and I have lots of options. At this point, I am hoping to be eligible for unemployment benefits, but only for a little while so I can save up some money while still looking for work and considering other options. But I also know that I cannot depend on even getting these benefits. I have to not be too negative, but at the same time, I know I have to be realistic as well. I am beyond grateful to have the parents that I do (I’m an only child), and the friends that I have as well, or this whole situation would be incredibly lonely.

At the same time, I am also finding that my writing muse is coming back a bit. I am also finding that reconnecting with an old friend whose writing opinion I have always valued has ignited the muse too. For the first time, I have been showing the novel to someone. This friend has been critiquing it seriously and giving some really excellent advice. I am discovering through her that this project might just actually amount to something someday and I am finding that that kind of excites me. I’ve been writing since I was 7 years old (and I am 28 now) and have never had “the” project that I thought would do something. Until the past two years.

In the past two years, I have created the best characters that I have ever come up with, and have finally created a start of a plot that actually makes sense. I still don’t quite know how to make it have a true beginning, middle, and end yet, but I suddenly know that I will get there!

I also need to dive back in to my four simple goals. The cooking part may not really take effect until I move, but the blogging, writing, and taking time to knit or something else needs to really take some shape in my life, regardless of what happens work wise.

So here’s to plugging along and positivity, and here’s to hoping I can get my apartment packed up quickly…I hate packing! Argh.