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creating a tour…

19 Mar

Boy, I’m beginning to realize that perhaps I haven’t plotted as much as I should have. I keep coming up with more ideas and more things to research and plan!

Currently, I am researching about 30-40 major US cities and their concert venues in order to plan a fictional tour for Lily and Ryan. It’s been fascinating, really, to have this part of the plot come together. I now need to research a bit more on the actual tour front, plus nail down solid job descriptions/duties for Ava and Ryan’s manager Adam. I then have to plot the actual tour route and figure out a time frame of said tour. Exciting stuff!

I’ve got a few more solid scenes worked out lately too…especially when it comes to the plot development for Ryan. It bothers me a bit that I seem to have solidified Nathan’s plat, but he’s not necessarily a main character–or so I thought. Now it’s become not just Lily, Ava and Ryan, but Lily, Ava, Ryan, and Nathan. Huh. It’s amazing how things change so quickly in the writing process–both good AND bad.